I'm proud to share a few recent endorsements from friends and colleagues.

"I urge lawyers to vote for Shalini. A Convocation that intends to take concrete steps on access to justice needs Shalini’s experience and vision in heading a community legal clinic funded by LAO and providing access to Ontario’s legal system for linguistic, religious and racialized low income communities."


Raj Anand, Bencher

Partner, WeirFoulds LLP

"As a retiring bencher, I fully endorse the candidacy of Shalini Konanur as a bencher.  I have worked with Shalini for many years and without a doubt, she is one of the best and brightest lawyers I have worked with.  She is fully committed to access to justice for all Ontarians, particularly those who live in the margin of our society.  She is a person with integrity who is not afraid of speaking her mind.  Shalini will bring to the convocation the much needed perspectives from someone who works in the trenches for low income racialized communities members." 

Avvy Go, Bencher

Director, Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

"Shalini has been a strong advocate for marginalized and vulnerable groups throughout her career. She has developed innovative approaches in advancing access to justice for the public and led important Charter cases to the highest court in the country. I fully support her candidacy for bencher." 

Doug Kwan

Executive Director, Mississauga Community Legal Services

"I fully endorse Shalini Konanur’s candidature as a bencher of the Law Society of Ontario.  Shalini has been a driving force on many initiatives that have made a meaningful difference to the protection of under-represented groups in Ontario. Her initiatives include the development of outreach legal education forums, community development projects, law reform and test case work, including interventions at the Supreme Court of Canada,  on behalf of vulnerable members of the low-income South Asian community. She has been internationally recognized for her innovative work on Forced Marriage, sat on the Provincial Roundtable on Violence Against Women, and is a steering committee member of the Colour of Poverty – a public advocacy group that focuses on the intersection of race and gender as they impact women in Canada. Shalini also understands the issues faced by low-income people outside of Toronto, having worked in the legal clinic system at the Renfrew County Legal Clinic. However, what’s most impressive is her empathy for people on a personal level. As a former Chair of the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, I have seen first-hand the daily impact that Shalini’s work has had on vulnerable people. Whether it is collecting baby clothing for a single mother in a women’s shelter, representing clients in front of the Human Rights Tribunal or overseeing SALCO’s large caseload, Shalini is a vocal advocate that embodies access-to-justice."

Neil Puddicombe, Lawyer

Former Chair, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario

"I have known Shalini for almost a decade and have had the privilege of serving with her on the Anti-Racism Strategic Plan Consultation Group appointed by the Government of Ontario.  Shalini has unparalleled front-line experience, knowledge and understanding of issues concerning access to justice, equity and diversity. Under Shalini's stewardship and governance, SALCO has greatly expanded its reach and developed a formidable reputation of trying test cases all the way to the Supreme Court.   Expertise like Shalini's is essential for the LSO to carry out its public function.  Please join me in voting for Shalini as bencher."


Jayashree Goswami, Senior Counsel, Intact Financial Corporation,

Immediate Past Chair, Roundtable of Diversity Associations

“Shalini Konanur is simply the best of our profession. She has devoted her career and her life to treating the weakest members of our society and in our justice system with the compassion that they need and deserve. In doing so, she has extraordinary insight into how our profession and the delivery of legal services should be governed. Shalini will be a tremendous bencher, and I whole-heartedly endorse her candidacy.”

Ranjan Agarwal, Partner

Bennett Jones LLP

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